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Cutterheads and cutterblocks

In stock Profil Værktøj A/S has a wide assortment of standard cutter tools.

In addition to our standard cutter tools, we design and deliver special cutter tools following the customers request. When receiving a sample of wood or a sketch, we are able to deliver pretty much every type of special tools at competitive prices.

The main part of our standard cutters are in our stock and can be delivered from day to day. Our main supplier of cutter tools is the Portuguese supplier FREZITE.

Our assortment of cutter tools includes:

  • Groovers
  • Adjustable groovers
  • Rebating cutters
  • Jointing cutterheads
  • Glue joint cutterblocks
  • Radius cutters
  • Profile cutters

Furthermore we supply system cutters such as Tersa, Terminus and Centrofix. Also knives for these.

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