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Display cabinets

Our elegant display cabinets from CMT will increase product visibility and definitely increase your sale. It's the best way to attract and encourage customers to buy.

All our cabinets are made of sturdy materials and are placeable everywhere in your shop. In our cabinets you can display saw blades, sabre + jigsaw blades, multi-cutters, router bits, forstner bits, hole saws, drill + boring bits and more.

Below you can find a selection of our cabinets. Please find our entire assortment in our catalog from page 367.


Udstillingsskab til multiværktøj

Udstillingsskab til overfræseværktøj Udstilling bajonet- og savklinger
Display cabinet for multi cutters
article no. 03.00.0038
Display cabinet for hole saws
article no. 03.00.0038
Display cabinet for jig saw and sabre saw blades
article no. 03.00.0038
Udstilling savklinger Udstilling til overfræseværktøj Udstillingsskab til bor og kunstbor
Display cabinet for saw blades
article no. 03.00.0038
Display cabinet for router bits
article no. 03.00.0042
Display cabinet for drills and countersinks
article no. 03.00.0042
Mini udstillingsdisplays Tilbehør til udstillingsskabe og displays  
Mini display cabinets
article no. 03.00.0043
Accessories for cabinets  

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