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Diamond tools

Our diamond tools are primarily produced by Jack Midhage AB. The tools are usable for cutting in concrete, granite, tiles, asphalt, Eternit and similar materials.

Diamond blade for standard use or special use?
When cutting in typical building materials such as concrete and masonry a general purpose blade normally works fine. If it's a good quality blade it will even do the job well when cutting in materials such as asphalt. With hard materials such as granite it will also do the job well but the lifetime of the blade will be shorter. If you have bigger or recurring projects it's better to choose a blade that fits your specific demands.

Level of quality and price?
Our assortment consists of blades in different levels of qualities and prices. For small projects and DIYs a cheaper blade is enough. For professional projects it's preferable to use a high quality blade.

When it comes to quality, speed and lifetime, all our diamond blades meet the high demands for professional tooling. Our supplier Jack Midhage AB is also certified ISO 9001.

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