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Sawblades for Eternit

For portable saws and table saws

Eternit is a concrete based product and if the end result needs to match the demands for quality, it is very important to choose the right blade when cutting.

In cooperation with Cembrit A/S, Profil Værktøj A/S has developed a diamond blade for cutting in Eternit products. Because of trapeze shaped diamond teeth and the especially designed stamblad, you get an excellent cutting quality and extreme long lifetime. The blade cuts up to 4 times longer than a normal cutting blade. Furthermore there is less dust compared to cutting blades.

The diamond blade can be used with for example Festool plunge saw and other portable saws - also for table saws.

Please notice: maximum go through 10 mm.

Mafell KSS300 DIA blade 120x1,8x20 Z8 A887.120.008.20
Festool, Mafell plunge saw DIA blade 160x2,4x20 Z10  A887.160.010.20 
Makita, Mafell, Hitachi, Festool, Dewalt m.fl.  DIA blade 190x2,4x30 Z12 A887.190.012.30 
Festool plunge saw TS75 DIA blade 210x2,6x30 Z14 A887.210.014.30
Dewalt og Bosch mitre saw  DIA blade 216x2,6x30 Z14  A887.216.014.30 
Dewalt, Mafell table saws DIA blade 250x2,6x30 Z16  A887.250.016.30 
Table saws DIA blade 300x2,8x30 Z20  A887.300.020.30 

Watch the movie below to see how effective the blade is compared to ordinary cutting blades:


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