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Hole saws

FASTX4 system - the hole saw revolution!

X1 Fast lock
We developed a unique patented Fast Lock System to quickly change between sizes and types in seconds. It is the only system that allows the hole saw and the pilot drill to be changed without tools.

X2 Fast drill
Fast drilling in all conditions. Our hole saws have unique body geometry and teeth sharpening which provides fast, precise drilling at Xtreme angles.
- pre-drill at the desired angle
- push the hole saw forward back in position and complete the hole

X3 Fast bore enlargement
CMT has a unique and fast solution to enlarge your bores. Our innovative pilot drill bit can fit two hole saws, allowing you to enlarge a hole in seconds.

X4 Fast plug removal
Easy plug removal in one click. No more screwdrivers or tools. The plug is effortlessly removed by reversing the pilot drill bit.

The innovative patented FASTX4 system makes the hole saw arbor obsolete. These holes saws have been specifically designed to ensure maximum productivity, lifetime and performance in all materials. CMT offers a professional range for electricians, carpenters, builders, kitchen fitters and all related heating, ventilation and plumbing trades.

You can find the hole saws in 3 different series: Tungsten carbide-tipped, Bi-Metal plus 8% cobalt, Diamond dry.

Below a selection of our best selling hole saws.
Our entire assortment of hole saws from CMT - click here and turn to page 336.

Hole saw for wood/plaster/plastic/Eternit
series: 550
Hole saw for metal/aluminium/cast iron
series: 551
Hole saw for tiles/stones/masonry/fiberglass
series: 552


Video: use of hole saw article no. 550 when sawing in wood:

Video: use of hole saw article no. 550 when saving in MDF:

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