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Profil Værktøj offers you a wide range of saw blades:

  • CMT sawblades
    Sawblades at reasonable prices without compromising on quality.
    CMT's large and automated production contributes to low production costs and competitive prices. 
    CMT sawblades are designed for daily use for contractors and remodelers.

    All the sawblades are designed to dampen running noise and are delivered in either a sturdy cardboard box or in a patented heavy duty HDPE plastic case.

  • FREZITE sawblades
    Professional sawblades in the highest quality. The sawblades are mainly for the industrial market and the ambitious craftsman who wants the very best quality.
    The sawblades come in almost all sizes and all types.


Below is a selection of our best selling sawblades.
Our entire assortment of sawblades from CMT - click here and turn to page 3
Our entire assortment of sawblades from Frezite - click here

 CMT sawblade for wood and similar
series: 285/291/292/293/294
CMT sawblade for laminate and high pressure laminate (Walltec)
series: 281/282/283/287
CMT sawblade for aluminium
series: 296/297
CMT sawblade for steel
series: 226
CMT sawblade multi purpose
series: 235
Frezite sawblade for Eternit (chipboard)
series: A887
CMT sawblade for Corian and plastic
series: 222/223
CMT sawblade for cordless saws
series: 271/272/273
CMT sawblade for table- and portable saws
series: 286


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