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Drills and countersinks

CMT is our supplier of drills.

In stock we have almost all standard sizes of dowel drills in TCT with shank 8 and 10.

Our drills are produced from the best raw materials and meet all demands for high quality for tools.

What characterizes our drills is the long lasting performance, the work of precision and stability. 

In our assortment we have these drills and accessories:

  • Standard dowel drills with single flute in lengths 57,5 - 70 - 77 - 85 - 105 mm
  • Dowel drills with double flute in chosen sizes
  • Dowel drills in solid TCT with radial relief. These drills have extra long durability and faster feed speed
  • Through hole drills in all standard sizes 
  • Boring bits with centre point and spurs in lengths 57,5 - 70 - 90 - 120 mm
  • Hinge boring bits in all standard sizes
  • Drill holders for all dowel drills and hinge boring bits
  • Countersinks with shank 10 mm or for tightning on the flute
  • Countersinks for window mounting and decking. See the video below:
CMT countersinks


Furthermore we produce special drills on demand - with a short time of delivery.

Need help?

Call us at +45 9626 1400 or send us an e-mail at